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Meet Monique.

Founder of Ecclesiastes Business Enterprise

Ecclesiastes Business Enterprise is the vision of a West Philly girl, named Monique Harrington. She started providing strategic consultation support to small business owners. The intent was to evaluate where they were and providing guidance on how to get where they want to go. However, over the years, Monique realized the most important aspect of running a business, bookkeeping, was often neglected by business owners. It was neglected for a number (pun intended) of legitimate reasons. "I don’t have time...I don’t know what I’m doing...I just hate numbers." However, this left the owners she was working with at a significant disadvantage. They did not have the information they needed to make strategic, healthy business decisions. It also became a costly decision in the long run. Thus, the bookkeeping firm you see today was born.

Meet Our Bookkeeping Team

We have an amazing group of bookkeepers that are dedicated to helping your books stay organized and up-to-date. Let us know if you have any questions about your books or our services!

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